Open source algorithms for image denoising and interpolation.

Image Team, GREYC Lab (UMR CNRS 6072)
6 Bd du Marechal Juin, 14050 Caen Cedex / France.

This project has been superseeded by G'MIC
(GREYC's Magic for Image Computing)

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::How is it distributed ?

The original GREYCstoration algorithm is distributed as a GIMP plugin or as a command line program. Some variants has been made by other people. This site provides only the GIMP plugin and command line versions of the algorithm, which are probably the most up-to-date and competitive versions. You may check the External links sections to get more informations about other available forms of the algorithm.
Current version of GREYCstoration is 2.9.


The use of GREYCstoration is submitted to the CeCILL License. This is a free software license, allowing the user of GREYCstoration to freely use, modify and redistribute the algorithm. But, DEVELOPERS, PLEASE READ THE LICENSE CAREFULLY ! More particularly, it is not possible to directly integrate the GREYCstoration source code in a closed-source project. If you want to do so, please contact me.

::Pre-compiled binaries

Download the GREYCstoration zip archive for PC Windows (9x,2k,XP), Mac OS X, or PC Linux.

Important note : You will need to install the ImageMagick's package in order to be able to read compressed image formats (JPG,PNG,etc...). On Unix systems, this package is often installed by default, on Windows, you can get it here. Please download one of the static package only.

::Source code

GREYCstoration is coded in C++, using the CImg Library. The complete source code of GREYCstoration is provided in the above archive, just go to the src/ directory and use the Makefile to compile either the command line or GIMP plug-in version. If you are just interested to have a quick look at the C++ files, there are links to them (latest CVS version) :

If you succeed in compiling GREYCstoration (command line or GIMP plug-in) under architectures that are not present in the current package, feel free to contact me !

::External Links

GREYCstoration has been used in other open source softwares. You may get further informations by following the links below. Note that I am absolutely not responsible of the consequences of using these external tools. Neither, I do not guarantee the quality of their results, so please always test the command line version before starting to complain !

  • The GREYCstoration algorithm has been integrated in Krita, a KDE-integrated painting program (in KOffice). Many thanks to Boudewijn Rempt that made it possible. Look at this page to learn more.

  • The inpainting mode of GREYCstoration can be easily tested using PhotoWipe, which provides a nice and easy-to-use GUI to draw mask and run inpainting.

  • The GREYCstoration algorithm has been also integrated in DigiKam as a plug-in. This is a nice photo management program for KDE. Many thanks to Gilles Caulier that made it possible. Look at this page to learn more.

  • A GUI version of GREYCstoration for Windows has been developped by Jaap Bruinsma. Go to the GREYCstoreGUI Home Page to learn more.

  • Another GUI version of GREYCstoration for Windows has been developped by Jean Van Laethem. Go to his web page to learn more.

  • Pleiades software has created a GREYCstoration module for their astronomical image processing software PixInsight.

  • Phixr is an online photo editor which allows the use of GREYCstoration to remove noise from photograph.